Primary School
Igniting the spark of tomorrow's leaders

Mental Minis


Girls & Boys

Individual sessions with each year group

How to build a Mental Health Toolkit

Mental Minis is full-day, whole school program where each grade participates in a different workshop built around mental health education with practical tools for wellbeing. Curriculum for the day explores resilience, growth mindset, managing overwhelm, mindfulness and emotional intelligence.
Using evidence-based strategies students will learn: 

* Language around Mental Health & Wellbeing education so they can seek help and advice and articulate     feelings with confidence & clarity, 

* To identify cyclical destructive thoughts and strategies to stop their 'Monkey Mind' taking control

* Breathing techniques to reduce anxiety, stress and overwhelm

* Positive self-speak language to bring into their minds when having a bad day

* Self-care strategies that are practical and easily implemented

* Ways to develop and employ empathy when having an argument 

* Strategies for confidence and facing challenging situations head on

* Mindfulness techniques and tips for unlocking creative strategies

Girl in the Fields


​Years 5 & 6

Co-ed & Single Sex sessions

Up to 100 students

Full day program

An approachable & shame-free introduction to Puberty & Sex Education

Transitions is a shame-free, scientific and informative introduction to NSW Stage 3 PDHPE outcomes of the body's transitions and challenges during puberty. Delivered as an age-appropriate curriculum, this program allows your students to have open and honest conversations with an external facilitator, perhaps opening lines of question they may not have felt confident to do in a regular classroom setting. 
Designed as the first step of your continuing curriculum, this program will:

* Inform about the changes of the body during puberty and strategies to manage these changes

* Explain sexual and reproductive health processes in an open and approachable way, encouraging exploration from a place of curiosity, not shame

* Discuss that each body is unique changes will occur at different times and we should respect each individual's stage of development and offer support
* Places strong emphasis on respect for the body

* Explain the importance of consent and explore what that means within their friendship & peer groups

* Investigate support systems available during this time of transition and challenge
* Explore the importance of healthy friendships and relationships based on respect 

This program fits well into both secular and religious school communities. We understand the sensitive nature of the subject matter and as such approach with respect for your school's traditions and individual belief systems.

Here's Where I Stand

​Years 5 & 6

Girls & Boys

Up to 100 students

Full day program

Exploring who we are and what we stand for

Here's Where I Stand invites your students on a journey of self discovery where they will question who they are, what they stand for & how they interact with their world. We explore how these qualities in each of us make us a strong leader our community. 
Integrating Positive Psychology theory and practice, this program will:

* Explore each students’ individual values, beliefs, character strengths & goals to develop a frame work for their personal Sense of Self Blueprint.
* Provide a gentle introduction to media messaging & the myth of "normal"

* Educate students on how to have happy, healthy friendships, based on respect

* Discuss storytelling & the individual message each of us communicate to the world & how to best align this to our  values 

* Identify the positive role models in our lives and discuss the qualities we admire and wish to incorporate into our own stories. 
* Challenge students to understand that leadership is more than popularity, it asks us to stay strong to our values and that it is taking responsibility for the way we impact the lives others