A celebration of all your fabulous qualities
 that are so much more interesting than a filter.


Stories of moments & passions & interests that make you the incredible person that you are. 

Stories of how you kicked the winning goal for your football team.

Stories of how you care for a sibling or a loved one.

Stories of how you love your stretch marks & your freckles.

Stories of how much pride you take in becoming the best person you can be

& the passion you have for chasing your dreams.

Whatever it is, we want to know!

Your voice and opinions matter to us. #MoreThanMySelfie gives you the opportunity to tell us what you are passionate about, what you care about, the change you want to see in the world,

the ideas you have & the dreams you will make come true. 

It is a stand against a world that tells us our value and worth is found in how we look & that we should feel pressure to change who and what we are so that we are more 'liked'. 


You can choose to upload a photo of you doing your passion project

or just tell us in your own words what it means to know and

celebrate that you are #MorethanmySelfie.

We will be featuring your stories on our social media channels and will be selecting a collection

to be featured in a beautiful book that celebrates the multifaceted, kick-ass young people that you all are; 

unfiltered, human and fabulous.

Submissions need to be 500 words or less and are open to all young people age 12 - 21.

You can write a poem, an essay, tell stories of love, loss, friendship, overcoming adversity, include your favourite mantra or tips and tricks for surviving being a teen. Let your creatively run free.

Its completely up to you! 


This is your time to shine, to see yourself in print and to encourage other young people that its ok, infact its better, to live life unfiltered. 

Ready to get started? Just complete the form below!

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