Leadership Intensives
Be the change you wish to see

Leadership Intensives

School Leadership Teams

Years 7-12 

or Year 12 Leaders only

Up to 20

Full day program

Unlocking the potential of your Leaders

Available in a full day program, a workshop series, or a week long intensive, our Leadership Intensives are the perfect opportunity to bring your student leaders together as they determine the direction they wish their leadership to take.

Starting with the Self and determining individual values, beliefs and prejudices, students are challenged to develop a plan of action to improve the lives of the students in the community their serve. Each student is called to reflect on their own experiences to create strategies and policies that will ignite change in their school. Our leaders are also taught self care strategies so they can best serve and a create a resilience tool kit to continue to act in the best interest of others, even when faced with adversity. 

This program will:

* Identify the qualities & character strengths of a good leader

* Explore personal values & goals & how these combined with the ethos of the school community can create a positive direction for the year

* Develop a strong Sense of Self Blueprint so that our message, and actions as leaders, work together

* Address the needs facing the student body and ways to best meet those needs and serve their peers

* Analyse the difference between popularity & leadership developing strategies on how to stand as a strong & trustworthy leader when it may be difficult to do so 

* Educate on the importance and role of self care in good leadership

* Empower your students to lead with compassion and courage of conviction

Women in Leadership


Years 7-12 

Girls Only

Up to 250 students per session

2 hour workshop & panel discussion

Empowering Girls to Lead

Our Women in Leadership workshop & panel discussion provides your girls with the inspiration & information they need to step up into leadership roles in their daily lives. This program brings strong female leaders together to discuss the importance of women in leadership, the skills and character strengths of a good leader & the ways each can make a positive impact in the lives of others. 

Centred on the belief that 'you can't be what you dont see', this workshop brings prominent female leaders to inspire and empower your girls. 

This program will:

* Empower your girls to set up to leadership

* Discuss strategies of effective leadership & the role & importance of female leaders in the community

* Provide inspiring role models who share their own stories and leadership journey

* Challenge students to develop their unique voice and construct the message they wish to share

* Inspire change

* Educate on the importance and role of self care in good leadership

Please note panel members vary based on the date & location of workshop. Presenters are confirmed 1 week prior to the event & are subject to change.