Secondary School

Failing Forward

​Years 7 -12

Girls & Boys

2 hour program &

parent evening

In the Classroom

Building resilience by changing our relationship with failure

Failing Forward challenges students, and parents, to re-evaluate their perception of failure & provides strategies to bounce back. We discuss the importance of failing fast then reframing our thinking to allow the opportunity to thrive.

Starting by first defining success, the program will:

* Encourage students to tackle tasks strategically with an attainable, yet challenging, end goal

* Develop an appreciation of the process and the value of hard work, without excessive stress & worry

* Create a Plan B for when plans become derailed

* Provide conversation starters and constructive language around failure that acknowledges the importance of failing and what we can learn from it

* Promotes the mindset of play when completing tasks 

* Challenges students to learn from their failures and approach them with curiosity and confidence

More than my Selfie

​Years 5 -12

Girls only

Up to 250 Students

Full day program

Developing the tools for a strong Sense of Self

More than my Selfie provides your girls with the tools they require to build a strong understanding of who they are, what they stand for and how they interact with their world. 

Integrating Positive Psychology practices and catering for the developmental level of your student group, this program will:

* Determine the contributing factors that affect Sense of self
* Identify and analyse social and sexual stereotypes and the role the media plays in promoting gender bias
* Explore each students’ individual values, beliefs, passions and goals to develop a frame work for their personal Sense of Self Blueprint.
* Develop strategies for creating a strong personal brand that aligns to our Sense of Self Blueprint and recognise how our thoughts, words and actions contribute to the communication of this message to the world.
* Challenge students to take responsibility for the way we impact the lives of those we interact with through empathy
* Educate students on how to have healthy and happy relationships, not only with their friendship group, but with their wider peer community & how to repair those relationships when they are damaged.


Wellbeing and Leadership development programs that
Educate, Inspire and Empower.

Beyond the Bro Code

​Years 7 -12

Boys Only

Up to 250 Students

Full Day Program

Basketball Players Listening to Coach

Growing emotionally intelligent boys 

A new boys-only program, Beyond the Bro Code places an emphasis on the importance of mental health, explores vulnerability, and enforces the message that speaking about pain or struggle is not weak. 

This program:


* Provides practical strategies for starting a conversation about mental health 

* Decodes dysfunctional masculinity stereotypes including toxic and pack-masculinity 

* Challenges gender stereotypes and appearance standards for both men and women

* Explores issues of consent, mateship, inclusion and acceptance 

* Educates

Boys only programs will be available from 2020.

Co-ed schools are offered the opportunity to run the morning and middle sessions separately and bring the year group back together for the afternoon session.

After something else?

Should your needs be different to the programs offered above, please get in contact with us to discuss how we can work with you to create a program that will create a powerful and lasting impact on the lives of your students.