About The Selfie Project
How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.
Anne Frank 

About Us

The Selfie Project is an Australian organisation committed to developing the wellbeing and leadership potential of young women.

Our vision is of a world where no girl is limited by their gender and our mission is to educate, inspire and empower girls to exceed their potential and live a life beyond their dreams.

Through our work with girls & young women across the country we have developed the belief  & understanding that girls with a strong Sense of Self have a higher self worth, make healthier decisions aligned with their values, have happier relationships, are more confident & step up to leadership challenges in their daily lives. 

Behind the scenes, are a team of experienced Primary and Secondary educators who work in consultation with industry leaders in the fields of positive psychology, education, wellness, & leadership.

It is this experience & understanding of the pedagogical needs of young people that creates powerful programs that inspire change. 

We seek to

  • Provide the tools to navigate the white noise of adolescence

  • Build resilience in young people

  • Foster the development of a growth mindset

  • Build a strong Sense of Self by exploring character strengths &  virtues

  • Develop Emotional Intelligence through mindfulness and self care techniques

  • Nurture confident, empowered young women who thrive

In 2014, our School program launched in schools across Sydney. Since then, The Selfie Project has partnered with schools in NSW, VIC & QLD as they invest in the emotional health, leadership development and wellbeing of their students.

2018 sees international expansion as well as the program being rolled out across all Australian major capital cities. A rural tour is scheuduled for 2019.

Meet the Founder

Sarah Alderton is a PDHPE, Dance and Drama teacher with a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts (Dance) from UNSW. She has worked as a classroom and head teacher in schools across NSW and the UK, specialising in girl’s education. As the founder of The Selfie Project, Sarah believes that the path to making change in this world is by empowering young women, educating them towards excellence, and inspiring greatness. The Selfie Project is for every school, every student, young woman, mother, who sees the potential in the young women in their lives, in themselves, and wishes to unleash it.

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The girl that is empowered, feels unlimited, she is the woman that will change the world.

Sarah Alderton

Founder & Lead Educator, The Selfie Project

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